Our relatationship could start with a consultation

Why a Hands-ON Business Consultation

Although some of our clients are already familiar with marketing solutions available we always take the time to sit down and discuss their business first. From this conversation we learn where our clients are the strongest, and where there could be room for improvement – many times from an operational perspective, not just from a marketing angle.

By visiting our clients at their place of business we can often share ideas as to how to improve cash-flow, foot traffic and cut cost. We believe that by taking the time to listen and learn from our clients we are best positioned to help our clients- and that’s why we offer this for free and without any obligations.

Website Design

Web Design and Online Marketing Future Proof & Mobile-Friendly Websites.

Your website is the virtual face of your company! It is like the inexpensive storefront for your business. All the same, the quality of your company’s website cannot be compromised. The number of internet users is close to 3 billion today. The internet is the first point of contact between businesses and their clients as well as justification for prospective clients to move forward and buy from you today. Max Marketing Mix offers complete web design and development solutions for your small business. We will build your website from the ground up – right from creating a feasible website design to testing and improving it to meet your specification.


eCommerce Sell your products online.

Max Marketing Mix web design experts can create a usable ecommerce website design that is also scalable. We will design and develop a professional ecommerce website that your local and global customers can access with ease. Right from designing the product page layout, to determining the navigation and integrating your website with a secure online payment processor, we will take care of everything to make your ecommerce site a big success. With our tailored ecommerce platform design, keep your business open to your clients 24×7.

Socail Media

Social Media Trending Channel.

Social media continues to evolve and grow in size across all demographics, offering you a chance to interact directly with your customers. Why not take advantage of this virtual revolution for the benefit of your company? Reaching out to your audience is made easier with our targeted social media campaign options. We provide regular as well as scheduled social media content posting services for your business. We can create industry-specific social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and more.


PPC & SEO Marketing Campaigns.

Pay Per Click paid ad campaigns can be another effective method of reaching out to a specific target audience. Year-over-Year clicks of well-structured campaigns have increased by 21%. From research to managing keywords strategies to tracking and reporting- we can help, we will provide you with several monthly options to choose from according to your budget. Our approach to Search Engine Optimization focuses on optimizing your website to bring local traffic to your website and storefront. We provide a unique approach to SEO by using tools such as content marketing, business listings, back links and user-generated reviews. This service is also tailored according to your monthly budget and objectives.

Hosting and Domain

Domain Selection & Hosting. Internet Storefront.

Your website domain name is as important as your website, as it can significantly impact conversion rates and sales. We can help you pick the perfect domain name that your customers can easily remember. We also set up the hosting of your business website though any hosting provider you select or our own, to ensure your website is always accessible for your clients.

Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing.

Among the key services we offer are top-notch offline marketing solutions to help you become visible locally. We offer a wide range of offline marketing solutions, from creating and printing business cards to larger construction, business and yard signs. Taking our exclusive Hands-ON approach, our offline marketing services is often a blend of services, starting from taking photographs or video shoots and ending on a post card or a t-shirt. From beginning to the end, we can help you grow by using the best media options for your brand.

Unconvetional Marketing

Unconventional Marketing.

Why not bring live Mariachis to your business to create a memorable client experience during key times of the month? Have you ever thought about (physically) reaching out to potential strategic partners bud did not have the know-how or time to do it? How about integrating limousine rides for your new guest with a fresh Happy Hour initiative? From developing multi-dimensional Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer strategies our team turn concepts into reality. Max Marketing Mix will help you become different than the competitors and position you to win.

strategic branding and logo design

Strategic Branding. Logo Design.

Max Marketing Mix offers practical branding solutions beginning with designing a memorable brand logo and creating a slogan to promote your business across all channels, both offline and online. Your logo should be designed to reflect your company’s values, and represents what it stands for and what it offers. The brand logo we design for your company contains with your ideas, we give it shape and color to distinguish it from the rest and become memorable and meaningful. Your website domain name is another important piece of your online brand, as it can significantly impact conversion rates and sales. We can help you pick the perfect domain name that your customers can easily remember.

Cross Culture marketing

Cross-Cultural Marketing.

Depending on your business’ physical location or growth objectives, focusing on a new target audience from another culture could be a winning strategy. However, not knowing the culture or even the language of this attractive market could impose a barrier to enter. Max Marketing Mix welcomes the opportunity to open doors for our clients, in particular, those seeking to serve the Hispanic or Chinese community, locally or abroad. We can bring you both online and offline tools to expand your business to a unique and growing demographic- one that is perhaps also out of reach for your competitors, but no longer to you, as a partner of ours.